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Recognized by the City
2 years in a row

Known as a neighborhood that makes efforts to be “green,”that values resident safety and quality of life, that plays a role in community education, outreach and activities: The Woodlands—Winding Brook Homeowners Association has been recognized by the City with two separate awards.

The Woodlands-Winding Brook Homeowners association has made an effort to implement a long-range, comprehensive plan for the neighborhood, which include finding environmentally and aesthetically pleasing solutions to storm water and retention pond problems and to develp strategies for protecting neighborhood trees.

Additionally Woodlands-Winding Brook Homeowners Asociation works to build community by organizing events for residents, including cook-outs, garage sales and grounds clean-ups.

Woodlands homeowners continue to work to create a welcoming and vibrant community.

fall trees

Photos by Doris Hahn

Located high above Jackson Creek, the Woodlands is a planned urban development community in a secluded part of Bloomington, Indiana, with a nature trail here and a pleasant pond there. We are within ten minutes of the Indiana University campus and five minutes from major shopping centers, including The College Mall and Jackson Creek Shoppes. There are sixty-six cedar townhouses, some of them two and others three-bedroom units.

Our homeowners association, Winding Brook HOA, works to maintain the property and develop a sense of community. Read about upcoming events on our News page. Our HOA officers and committees are highlighted on the HOA page.

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